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Cured Resin Sugar – Unicorn Piss

Unicorn Piss Sugar Mids


• Unicorn Piss

Product Description: Unicorn Piss is an Indica-dominant hybrid strain made from an unknown cross of strains. This strain is believed to be more relaxing than energizing, although the effects won’t completely knock you out. Unicorn Piss will calmly lift your spirits and your attitude. The effects of this strain will hit you instantaneously, so it’s important to take it slow when toking. Consumers who have smoked Unicorn Piss report feeling blissful, giggly, and tranquil. The flavor profile is sour and skunky and notes of citrus shine through. Medical users say they buy Unicorn Piss when experiencing mild stress. The original breeder of this strain is unknown.

80.44% THC, 1 gram