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MIDSFACTORY: The Most Influential Cannabis Brand in San Francisco!

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Located in San Francisco, MIDSFACTORY is one of the leading cannabis extraction companies today. Manufacturing a wide range of cannabis concentrates including Shatter, Sugar, Budder, Badder, Vape cartridges, Crumble, Live Diamond Sauce, Live Resin and Sauce.

Cannabis has been a controversial substance until legalization for medicinal use in 1996 and recreational use in 2016. Today, Californians and many other states have legalized the use and now we can openly enjoy cannabis marijuana.

As the demand for cannabis grows so does our desire to create new and fun strains for our customers to enjoy. We want to ensure our customers not only receives the desired “high” but also have the purest form of cannabis extract. MIDSFACTORY has a talented team that creates the best quality concentrates in San Francisco.

What Do We Offer?

  • Exceptional Quality

Known for our pure cannabis extracts, our potent concentrates are use to create many types of products. All of our products are tested by Harren’s Lab to ensure quality standards. We are transparent with all of our strains and the lab reports are available on our website.

  • Wide Range of Products

We have our signature strains and we also want to keep our customers entertained by having new strains every season. With a captivating collection of concentrates we bring Shatter, Sugar, Budder, Badder, Vape cartridges, Crumble, Live Diamond Sauce, Live Resin and Sauce.

  • Genuine Supplier

We are not a dispensary but our products are widely available in many of the cannabis dispensaries throughout California. Customers can easily purchase MIDSFACTORY concentrates by visiting midsfactory.com and clicking “Dispensaries”. There you can find a list of dispensaries and online stores. Many of the dispensaries and online stores offers delivery within 1-2 hours!

  • Hassle-Free Delivery

Yes, as stated before, you can have our products delivered to you. Visit midsfactory.com and click on “Dispensaries”. Select the closest online store and they will deliver the products directly to you with a minimum order requirement.

Quality and Benefits of Our Top-Notch Concentrate Products

  • Unique and Captivating Collection

We develop new strains regularly. Currently, our “NEW” strains are Live Diamond Sauce – PB&J, Shatter – Sunset Kush, Live Diamond Sugar – Guava Glaze, Cured Resin Crumble – Modified Runtz, Shatter – Hella Jelly, Cured Resin Badder – Pink Rozay, Cured Resin Badder – Papaya Ice Cream, Shatter – Purple Gelato, Infused Pre-Roll – Blue Dream – Sativa, Infused Pre-Roll – Jealousy x Oreoz Indica, and Infused Pre-Roll – Gelato 41 x Opus Runtz – Hybrid. You can view the full list of NEW products and all of our available strains at midsfactory.com/products.

  • Enhanced Sensory Experience

If you are looking for something to calm or to stimulate your mind, MIDSFACTORY has sativa, indica and hybrid concentrates for any sensory experience. We carry products for fun recreational and medicinal use. Many of our products contain high THC potency which are perfect for people dealing with anxiety, sleeping disorders, and patients with chronic illnesses.

  • Manufactured With the Best Care and Precision

Being a certified Type 7 manufacturer in San Francisco, CA, our products are made with safe solvents to extract cannabis concentrates. Our products are tested in a lab for quality control.

Are We Available Online?

  • Yes, on our website www.midsfactory.com, the DISPENSARIES tab will list all the dispensaries and online delivery companies. You can easily purchase our products in the convenience of your own home or mobile device.

Social Media

You can keep up to date with all the new products by following @midsfactory710 on Instagram. You can also watch videos on how to smoke our concentrates!

What Sets MIDSFACTORY Apart From Other Brands?

First and for most, it’s our work culture. Our brand was created to help relieve pain, stress and anxiety for people that are dealings with these health issues. We wanted to develop a quality concentrate that was strong to help alleviate these symptoms so people can live their lives enjoyably. Our primary goal as a company is what can we do to help our consumers and how can we make our products better and more enjoyable.

With the legalization of marijuana cannabis in California, we have continued to focus our brand on quality concentrates for the medicinal users who needs stronger THC to alleviate their symptoms.

Now That You’re Familiar With MIDSFACTORY, It’s Time To Try Our Products!


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