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A Brand that Cannabis Enthusiasts Love!

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Looking for cannabis concentrates that can help you both medically and recreationally? Then yes, you have chosen the right brand.

MIDSFACTORY – A Type 7 extraction company makes all their products in the vibrant city of San Francisco. We focus on cannabis-enriched extracts with high THC potency providing the optimal “HIGH” experience for both recreational and alternative medical support. Our cannabis is widely available throughout California dispensaries and online stores.

We take pride in helping our customers experience the best of cannabis. Our captivating collection allows our consumers to experience their favorite MIDSFACTORY products in a wide range of forms starting from shatter, sugar, budder, vape cartridge, live diamond sauce and more!

Here are a few of the most recent MIDSFACTORY strains:

  • Cured Resin Sauce – Fuzzy Navel
  • Live Diamond Sauce – Mimosa Punch
  • Shatter – Lemon Fuel
  • Cured Resin Sugar – Smarties
  • 510 Thread Cartridge – Hawaiian Punch – Sativa
  • Cured Resin Sauce – Gelo Cake

What makes people choose MIDSFACTORY?

Rated by many, we are the best-known cannabis extraction company in San Francisco. Since the very beginning, our products have been aiding lives to relieve stress, pain and anxieties. We also offer potent cannabis concentrates in a wide range of delicious flavour strains.

More than everything else our MIDS Team prioritizes in quality and we thrive to present the best products for our customers with effective concentrates at affordable prices. We value every cannabis enthusiast out there and push for a world-class experience.

Your safety, is our responsibility!

With a world-class reputation, we highly value our customer’s safety and satisfaction. No matter if it’s on an online platform or a physical visit we always ask our customers to verify their age. Visitors of age  21+ or at least 18+ with medical documents are only allowed to enjoy our products after the verification process. We keep your documents safe in a highly compliant database to ensure confidentiality.

With our wide range of strains, we attract customers from all across California. Visit our website at and click on the FIND MIDSFACTORY tab to locate the closest retail dispensary or online delivery service.

If you’re stressed or just want to relax, take a moment and allow MIDSFACTORY cannabis concentrates to enrich your sensorial well-being!


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