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Now enjoy the best with MIDSFACTORY!

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If you are looking to experience a safe cannabis “high”, try MIDSFACTORY.

MIDSFACTORY is a cannabis extraction produced in San Francisco that also offers alternative medicinal support. Our potent concentrates are well trusted by customers and can be used for both medical and recreational purposes. Located in the vibrant city of San Francisco, MIDSFACTORY is a Type 7 extraction company. Our products are widely available across California and are frequently purchased due to our wide range of fun strains.

What is MIDSFACTORY known for?

We give our best to produce what cannabis enthusiasts love and this is why we create a wide range of products including:

  • Shatter
  • Sugars
  • Budder
  • Badder
  • Vape cartridge
  • DabTabs

We are most popular for including the best collection of strains like Mochi, Golden Goat, Divine Cookies, Pink Cookies, Sherbacio and Motor Breathe.

Graded by many, to be a favorite brand, our products are undoubtedly safe. We strive each day to make your day better by presenting you with a world-class sensory experience.

How secure are we?

Your privacy safety is very important to us. We want to make sure your personal information and check out experience is protected so we use the HIPAA compliant database.

It’s the satisfaction of our customers that concerns us the most.

A few steps that we strictly follow to confirm your safety:

  • We ask our customers for proof of their age. Only visitors 21 or 18 years of age (with a medical card) are allowed to enjoy our products. Even on our online portal, we perform the same security check before you enter our site.
  • All the documents submitted to us by our customers are stored safely in a HIPAA compliant database.


We are one of the best-known cannabis extraction companies in San Francisco. Our potent and genuine products have been helping people relieve their anxiety, stress and pain for many years. On our website, click on the FIND MIDSFACTORY tab so you can easily browse our popular THC cannabis products.


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