MIDSFACTORY is a Type 7 extraction company based in San Francisco, CA. We produce quality & potent concentrates for the cannabis enthusiast at an affordable price.

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      Humble Root

      2015 Q St
      CA 95811
      PH# 1(916) 793-5182

      Zen Garden

      7632 Pacific Ave
      Stockton, CA 95207
      PH# 1(209) 435-3900

      Triple C

      14196 Lakeshore Dr
      Clear Lake CA, 95422
      PH# 1(707) 701-4160

      Firehouse 365

      6118 Atlantic Blvd
      Maywood, CA 90270

      PH# (323) 484-0013

      Cookies – Hayward

      1004 B St
      Hayward, CA 94541
      PH# (510) 362-7040

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      MIDSFACTORY: The Most Influential Cannabis Brand in San Francisco!

      Located in San Francisco, MIDSFACTORY is one of the leading cannabis extraction companies today. Manufacturing a wide range of cannabis concentrates including Shatter, Sugar, Budder, Badder, Vape cartridges, Crumble, Live Diamond Sauce, Live Resin and Sauce. Cannabis has been a controversial substance until legalization for medicinal use in 1996 and recreational use in 2016. Today,Read More »MIDSFACTORY: The Most Influential Cannabis Brand in San Francisco!

      Now enjoy the best with MIDSFACTORY!

      If you are looking to experience a safe cannabis “high”, try MIDSFACTORY. MIDSFACTORY is a cannabis extraction produced in San Francisco that also offers alternative medicinal support. Our potent concentrates are well trusted by customers and can be used for both medical and recreational purposes. Located in the vibrant city of San Francisco, MIDSFACTORY isRead More »Now enjoy the best with MIDSFACTORY!

      A Brand that Cannabis Enthusiasts Love!

      Looking for cannabis concentrates that can help you both medically and recreationally? Then yes, you have chosen the right brand. MIDSFACTORY – A Type 7 extraction company makes all their products in the vibrant city of San Francisco. We focus on cannabis-enriched extracts with high THC potency providing the optimal “HIGH” experience for both recreationalRead More »A Brand that Cannabis Enthusiasts Love!