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Cured Resin Sauce – Banana Cake

Banana Cake Sauce Mids


• Banana Cake

Product Description: Banana Cream Cake, also known as “Banana Cake,” is a Sativa-dominant hybrid cannabis strain made by crossing Wedding Cake with Monkey Banana. Banana Cake produces uplifting effects that will leave you in a blissful mood. Consumers say this strain is an ideal choice for your wake and bake session as long as you consume in small doses. This strain may be overwhelming to some novice cannabis consumers. This strain features a banana-forward flavor profile that will hit you in the nostrils upon opening your stash. The aroma is similar, with a creamy and cool finish on the exhale. Medical patients choose Banana Cake to relieve symptoms associated with chronic depression, nausea, and pain.

80.39% THC, 1 gram